Tron Legacy Comic-Con 2010 Viral: Flynn's Arcade Returns, Leads Us Into The World Of Tron

Last year at Comic-Con, Disney held a viral event which was the talk of the convention — leading Tron fans on a scavenger hunt around the city to find Flynn's Arcade, and a secret real-life Lightcycle hidden in a secret room.

This year the Tron Legacy viral continued, and Flynn's Arcade returned to San Diego — but not the Flynn's arcade we remember. Abandoned, broken down, plastic wrap covering all the coin-op machines. And this time the secret hole behind the Tron arcade game machine leads us into the world of Tron.

I got a chance to enter Flynn's arcade with a large group, which included Tron himself — Bruce Boxleitner. Watch our video of the event after the jump. You'll even hear/see Bruce providing commentary during the journey.