First Look: Abin Sur, From Green Lantern

Over the past few years, Warner Bros. has started to bring larger, more interesting props to Comic Con. Recently it was the Owl Ship from Watchmen, which, no matter how you felt about the film, was a great piece of construction to walk around in. (OK, crawl around in.)

This year, the big prop is a model of Abin Sur, the alien that gives Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) his ring and power in Green Lantern.

In the main Warner Bros. booth, in which you can also find quite a few Harry Potter props (which we'll have pictured in a different gallery) was the coffin-like pod in which is contained the purple, wounded body of Abin Sur resides. As you can see from the images below, the model (one used on set in the film, or so we were told) is quite detailed.

The model looks quite like Temuera Morrison, too, which is appropriate as the actor is playing Abin Sur in the film. We don't know if there's a full-body suit that Morrison wore during shooting, or if post-processing was used to create much of his look as the alien character.

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