Comic Con: Show Floor Photos

We've only just arrived at Comic Con, and because of a back to back set of panels in Hall H for the next few days, we probably won't have time to wander every inch of the show floor until the end of the weekend. But we wanted to give you a quick glimpse of the biggest movie-related stuff on the floor as the show begins.

As with last year, even the first 'preview night' of the 2010 San Diego Comic Con was so packed that it was difficult to move through some areas. Especially around the Tron booth, which is dominated by a giant model of a Recognizer. The booth is packed with new Tron swag and toys and hundreds of people trying to see it all.

Then there's the WB booth, which has a bunch of Harry Potter props, in addition to the body of Abin Sur from Green Lantern. There's plenty of other stuff along the floor, too — my favorite might have been the collection of Stan Winston Studio items. We've seen more of them at Con before, but in the past years all the Iron Man suits, for example, were kept farther away from attendees. Now you can get right up and see all the detail.