VOTD: DJ Osymyso's Last Two Scott Pilgrim Trailer Remixes

Over the past week Universal has released a set of remixes of footage and music from Edgar Wright's upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs the World. DJ Osymyso's quick video remixes re-purpose sound effects and dialogue from the film, edited into a music video format. You can watch the first five mixes here.

Yesterday and today the last pair of mixes were released, and they're after the break.

First up is the 'Yeah' remix, with music in the clip from the track "Chau Down" by Nigel Godrich, mixed by DJ and general mixmaster Osymyso. [via ComingSoon]

Then the seventh and last mix is 'What?', which features the track 'Black Sheep,' by Metric. [via JoBlo, whose player is un-embeddable. Get it together, guys!]