Scream 4: Hayden Panettiere Claims Screenwriter Controvery Is "Very Untrue", Set Photos Reveal Woodsboro's Obsession With Ghostface

Couple new Scream 4 updates for you. I'm going to throw both of them after the break, because one, a statement from Hayden Panettiere about the rumor that she was unhappy with script changes, comes in the form of a hefty quote. And the other is a set of images of the town of Woodsboro. While they may be part of the first few minutes of the film and are likely to be represented in eventual trailers, some might consider them vaguely spoilerish.

So: Ms. Panettiere goes first. It had been said that she was 'beyond frustrated' with changes made to her character by re-writer Ehren Kruger. Surprise! Panettiere told Access Hollywood it ain't so:

I don't know whether it's somebody projecting or, who knows where it came from, but ultimately it was very untrue and I love my character...I'm having a really good time doing's a really great cast. All the original cast is back. We've got Neve Campbell and David Arquette and Courteney Cox...We've got a brand new cast – myself and Emma Roberts...[Director] Wes Craven is an amazing human being and such a nice guy. It is such a pleasure to work with can feel the crews at ease. They're able to have fun — it's not like twisting their arm to come to work. They actually really, really enjoy it, so it's been a blast thus far.

Spin or truth? Oh, wait — this is an actress talking about a role in a movie, so it doesn't really matter. We'll see the film, and if it's good all these behind the scenes stuff will be forgotten.

Second at bat is a set of pics that show the town of Woodsboro positively festooned with Ghostface effigies. These images are likely from the opening of the film, as R.J. Torbet of Scream license company Fun World previously said "Sent out additional GHOSTFACE to the SET today, a very interesting opening scene," and "Lets just say, the town of Woodsboro, has an obsession. There is your hint." (Both of those messages via Twitter.)

[all via the possibly soon-to-be-renamed Scream Trilogy]