Russell Brand And Luis Guzman As Batman And Robin In Arthur


A little over a week ago, set photos were leaked online revealing that the Batmobile would be making an appearance in Arthur, the remake of the fan-favorite '80s comedy. At the time it seemed likely that the car's presence in the film wouldn't amount to anything more than a quick gag, but now more set photos have arrived to arouse further speculation.

Looks like it's not just the Batmobile showing up in the film. Russell Brand and co-star Luis Guzman will also be donning the costumes of Batman and Robin, respectively. Check out the pics after the break.

Head over to Faded Youth to check out the photos.

Not sure what's going on in that last one, but neither party seems to be enjoying it too much.

Russell Brand also tweeted the below photo, accompanied with the text: "This is what happens when I try to fight crime. What a pair of jokers."

Russell Brand may be the star of the film, but Luis Guzman is easily the star of these photos. I don't which is more disturbingly hilarious, the protruding gut or his awkward bulge. (Inspect the first photo above. Oh my.)

And bonus points to the crew for respecting the, er, sophisticated mythology of Schumacher's Batman films. The Batmobile that was unveiled previously was from Batman Forever, and upon some meticulous nipple analysis, it turns out the Batsuit above is as well. Granted, the Robin costume is from the '60s TV series, but I can forgive that, since Guzman probably wouldn't have been able to squeeze into Chris O'Donnell's form-fitted attire anyway. (And even if he could, the visual wouldn't be nearly as funny.)

Something else worth noting about these photos: the utility belt.

Appropriate given the titular character's drunken nature, most of the items are alcohol related. They include: a flask, mini whiskey bottles, a shot glass, bar straws, and... a gold cell phone. Of course.


The original Arthur came out in 1981, and starred Dudley Moore as a booze-happy playboy who's the heir to a vast fortune—one which he's at risk of losing when he falls for a woman his family doesn't like. Russell Brand (who played the lovable self-involved British rock star Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek) is taking on the Moore role for the remake, and Greta Gerwig will play his love interest. Also starring in the film is Jennifer Garner, Helen Mirren, and Nick Nolte.