Movie Trailer: Jeffrey Blitz's Lucky

One of the films I was really excited to see this past year at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival was a documentary titled Lucky. Directed by Jeffrey Blitz, the filmmaker behind one of my favorite documentaries Spellbound, as well as the great but under-seen indie film Rocket Science (which won him the Sundance Film Festival Directing Award in 2007 and featured a career-launching performance by Anna Kendrick, who later was nominated for an Oscar for Up in the Air).If you haven't seen either of the movies, you should add both of them to your netflix queue right now. Lucky is a documentary film which "crisscrosses the country following winners as they navigate their newfound riches, and hopefuls who have a 'dollar and a dream.'"

I've always found the story of working class people who hit it rich and somehow lose everything interesting,but this film lacked the narrative that made Spellbound great. The film is interesting, and might be better enjoyed on television (you can watch my video blog review here). Watch the trailer now embedded after the jump, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.