Rumors Persist Of A Jonathan Nolan-Directed Superman

Just like with the report we had yesterday, keep this one filed under rumor. But Moviehole says they've been talking to a source at WB who says that the notion of a Jonathan Nolan-directed Superman is well-founded.

The site's source says Jonathan Nolan wants the gig, Christopher Nolan wants him to get it, and Warner Bros. doesn't want to do anything to rock the boat with one of their biggest directors. It's easy enough to see how that might be the case, but if so, it's also easy to see that WB execs might be sitting on their hands until Sunday when the Inception returns start to come in.

There's also a comment on the report that actors have been testing, with Chuck's Zachary Levi making a big impression. Moviehole's source says there is a TV star who is a fave for the Clark Kent role, but doesn't think anyone has tested. The name, of course, wasn't revealed.

Finally, there's some word — again, take this with a certain degree of remove, given that we don't know Moviehole's actual source — that the nature of the film is meant to be:

...neither a reboot or a sequel. It's just a Superman film. The basic elements of the storyline are: BIG action, BIG set-pieces, witty dialogue, playful romance, a light-hearted feelgood mood juxtaposed with derring-do and danger, top-notch cast, epic feel, sci-fi background (sounds a little like Donner, right?) BUT with some sort of huge twist on the legend.

I'm always uneasy posting rumors like this, and while it's good in theory to have additional voices echoing the Jonah Nolan rumor that has persisted for months, I also don't want there to be any confusion about the nature of this story. That is — it isn't yet a story; it's just a spitballing what-if for the time being. That said, go to town in the comments.