High Resolution First Look: Ryan Reynolds In Costume As Green Lantern

Update: This story has been updated with a high resolution photo.

There he is: that's Ryan Reynolds in his computer-generated Green Lantern suit, complete with what appear to be striated muscles made of pure force, or willpower.

Ryan Reynolds in Costume as Green Lantern

Though the mask is rather odd-looking, the whole suit certainly conforms to the basic concept of what Green Lantern is meant to look like. That's a good thing, and I expect we'll really get an idea about this suit when we see footage in motion. After all, if the whole thing is rendered in CGI, I'd expect there to be some sort of constantly moving or pulsing sense of energy. That's likely what the lines of force really suggest in this image, and given that director Martin Campbell and Warner Bros. have already gone so far as to render the suit, I'm hoping that actual footage will show us some adventurous uses of CGI to make the hero's powers extend from it and the ring.

EW has the image (obviously) and we'll likely see more shots from the magazine before Warner Bros. debuts Green Lantern footage next week at Comic Con.