Tim Allen Reportedly Signed For Toy Story 4; Don't Assume This Means There Will Be A Fourth Film

Briefly: With Toy Story 3 still in theaters and raking in more than $350m, naturally talk has begun about the possibility for a fourth film. We know some of the characters have a future in at least one short film that would run in front of Cars 2. But now there's a report from The Wrap that Tim Allen is signed for Toy Story 4, which is going to lead to supposition that a fourth film is more likely than anyone at Pixar has allowed so far.

I wouldn't take the revelation that Allen is signed as anything more than basic studio contractual process. While Toy Story 3 is a natural conclusion to the series, Pixar and Disney are naturally going to want the option to have Allen around to voice Buzz Lightyear in a variety of possible non-feature film appearances. So it's safe to assume he's signed a contract that includes a set of options. Those options could easily include more features, even though at this point we know of no plans to make more.