When/Where Will We See Ryan Reynolds In Costume As Green Lantern?


Many of you might recall that we were the ones to break the story about how Warner Bros was using a performance capture suit to create Green Lantern's costume using CG. While many set photos have been snapped, most of them look like the one above with Reynolds wearing a grey suit with digital markers. When will we see Reynolds in costume as the Green Lantern?

Comic-Con? Nope. You'll be able to see the photo before then...

CBM has received a report that Entertainment Weekly Managing Editor Jess Cagle revealed on the Gale King's AM 1150 talk show that the cover of next week's issue will give us our first reveal of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern. The issue hits newsstands next Friday, but is usually sent out to subscribers earlier than that. So expect a scan of the photo online next week sometime, I predict sometime before Wednesday.