Unofficial Movie Trailer: The Expendables Vs Julia Roberts

When you put a bunch of musclebound dudes, including most of the biggest action stars in the world, into one movie, how do you go about selling it? Not with the first full trailer for The Expendables — you do it like this. The Monocular Group has cut the first Expendables trailer that is truly for men, and if you're not grinning by the end, this movie wasn't for you in the first place.

As best I can tell, Garrison Dean heads up The Monocular Group, in addition to posting at io9. The Group has cut a hell of a trailer for The Expendables — one that calls the masculinity of every potential audience into question. Liberal use of 'I Get Wet' by Andrew W.K. doesn't hurt at all. LionsGate, you should really think about hiring these guys.

(And before anyone makes the mistake of taking this too seriously, obviously there isn't a female army that controls the Hollywood box office. Movies by and for men roundly thrash everything else with great regularity. But when it comes to a movie like this one, which is aimed squarely at a very particular audience, I don't think there's any more appropriate — and yeah, winking — way to sell the movie. The only better way would be to hire the Old Spice guy.)

[via Movieline]