Jeff Bridges Update: New 'True Grit' Photo; Won't Appear In 'Great Hope Springs'


I don't think there's any argument that Jeff Bridges is great enough to warrant his own little update once in a while. So here you go: a new on-set photo from the Coen Brothers version of True Grit, for one. Sadly, the other update negates a previous bit of casting supposition, as it looks like Bridges won't play alongside Meryl Streep in Great Hope Springs.

First up, True Grit. The film has stormed through a handful of locations in Texas and the Southwest, and we should be seeing some footage soon. In the meantime, we've had a collection of sneaky on-set photos and behind the scenes video that all show off just what Joel and Ethan Coen are trying to accomplish as they reinterpret the novel by Charles Portis.

This time, we see Bridges as 'Rooster' Cogburn with the eye patch that marks part of the character's onscreen signature. John Wayne wore the patch for his Oscar-winning take on the role, even though in the novel Portis described Cogburn as missing an eye, but eschewing the patch.

It's a good look for Bridges, and he looks not quite surprisingly like a badass. Can't wait for this one. (That's also young newcomer Hailee Steinfeld in the foreground, as heroine Mattie Ross.) [Joe M. O'Connell via FilmDrunk]

Meanwhile, looks like Bridges won't be in Great Hope Springs, the marital drama with a terrible title that could be the newest example of the semi-frequent pairing of Meryl Streep and director Mike Nichols. The trio working together would have been a potential powerhouse come awards season, but Bridges seems to be taking his time choosing his post-Oscar win picture. [Deadline]