Christopher Nolan Says He'd Love To Direct A Bond Film

We don't usually seriously report on the wish-fulfillment stories where a director or actor says they would like to do some mythical project. As it turns out, it almost never happens and is not much more than a cool headline with little substance. And yes, this is one of those stories, but when a filmmaker like Christopher Nolan comments that he'd be interested in doing so and so film — there is a bit more weight to the statement.

You see, Nolan is very particular about the projects he chooses. Also, he is a director with great power. After Dark Knight, he probably could have had anything he ever wanted — any project in development anywhere. He chose Inception, an original project that he's been developing for nearly a decade. And yes, he's set to go into production on the third film in his Batman series. But what about after that? How about a James Bond film?

Nolan has been commenting a lot recently about James Bond, as Inception is certainly influenced by the series. Speaking before last night's London premiere of the film, Nolan admitted that not only would he be interested in doing a Bond movie, he'd "love" to do one.

Nolan told the BBC:

"I've loved the Bond films since I was a kid. For me, they're always about the expansiveness of cinema. The first Bond films set up infinite possibilities about the world they create. I'd love to do a Bond film."

With MGM in limbo, recently it was rumored that the twenty-third Bond film had been canned. That was not actually the case, as some reports claim that Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig still plan to come back to Bond once MGM's situation is resolved. Who knows when and if that will happen.

I'll say this much, if I were an executive at Warner Bros, I would place a call to Nolan and ask him just how interested he is in directing a Bond movie. I'm not even going to pretend to understand the complexities of the legal purgatory presented by MGM's current situation, but I'm sure there is a way to make it happen. And at this point, Warner Bros is in the Chris Nolan business. I 'imagine that the goal is to extend their relationship as long term as they possibly can.