Alamo Drafthouse Announces 2010 Rolling Roadshow

The Rolling Roadshow is just one of the many reasons the Alamo Drafthouse is the greatest movie theater on the planet. For those who don't know, the Drafthouse travels around the United States to present one-time-only screenings of classic films using a portable movie theater which they set-up in famous locations from the films. This year's line-up includes Jackie Brown, Dirty Harry, There Will Be Blood, Convoy, The Blues Brothers, Robocop, Rocky I-III, On The Waterfront, and The Godfather Part II. Hit the jump for the schedule with locations.

Rolling Roadshow 2010 Schedule (brought to you by Levi's) as announced on Entertainment Weekly

  • August 6 Jackie Brown, at Los Angeles' Del Amo Fashion Mall
  • August 7 Dirty Harry, at San Francisco's Washington Square Park
  • August 8 There Will Be Blood, at California's Kern County Museum
  • August 8 Convoy, at the Ft. Davis drive-in in Las Vegas, N.M.
  • August 13 The Blues Brothers, at Chicago's Joliet Prison
  • August 14 RoboCop, at Detroit's Russell Industrial Center
  • August 19 Rocky I-III, at the Philadelphia Art Museum
  • August 20 On the Waterfront, at Hoboken's Pier A
  • August 27 The Godfather Part II, on a Manhattan rooftop near Little Italy
  • I'd love to attend the Godfather 2 screening on the Little Italy rooftop. How cool is that? And while Robocop wasn't really filmed in Detroit, the Russell Industrial Center makes a fitting setting. I'll definitely be in attendance for the Jackie Brown screening at Los Angeles' Del Amo Fashion Mall. If I do, that will make two movies I will see in a mall parking lot this year (details ont the other one forthcoming). And I might have to also travel up to San Francisco for the Dirty Harry screening, although August is kinda chilly in San Fran.

    For more information on individual shows and the related events, check back on the Alamo's Rolling Roadshow page.