VOTD: More Tron Legacy-Inspired Short Films

Earlier this week, we posted Kiel Figgins' short computer animated Tron Homage: Disc Battle, which quickly spread around the interwebs. Apparently the video was a submission in CG Society's TRON Tribute contest. The challenge was to "recreate the LOOK of the world of TRON."After the jump we have a look at another enry from the contest, as well as another tribute created for the Dallas MAvericks. Enjoy!

Garrick Campsey's Tron Tribute

This is the final video with sound and everything. Everything you see and hear was created by me for this video. All sounds were recorded and mixed by me. All models, animation, lighting, shot layout, concept, and compositing was done by me. The blue bike was modeled by Kyle King. The whole challenge took 45 days, so this video was produced, from start to finish, in 45 days.

Mavs Legacy, a Tron homage produced for the Dallas Mavericks [not part of the contest]:

via: MovieViral