Mad Max: Fury Road Will Be Shot In 3D

We've known for a while that George Miller's upcoming Mad Max sequel Mad Max: Fury Road would be released in 3D. But everything we've heard until now is that the film would be converted to 3D in post production. We now have a confirmation that the film will be shot in 3D using "revolutionary new technology" which is being developed by Miller himself based on technology originally developed by Dalsa Corporation.

The fact was confirmed by Australian movie magazine Inside Film, who talked with a spokesperson has confirmed that Miller is "working on new 3D advancements to be used during the shoot." No idea what this new advances in 3D may involve. The magazine quotes Miller as saying:

"We are doing 3D on Fury Road – we are shooting with real 3D cameras," Dr Miller told INSIDEFILM. "Seven years ago we were going to shoot in 3D but the technology in cinemas wasn't geared for it then but I always loved 3D or stereo."

Inside film also lists the film's budget as "$100 million-plus" claiming that the movie will take advantage of the Australian government's 40% Producer Offset Rebate. The article doesn't mention or confirm the report from last week that Miller might be shooting Fury Road back to back with a follow-up, reportedly called Mad Max: Furiosa.

Also, yesterday it was confirmed that WETA is working on the conceptual design, Specialty Make-Up FX, Costume and Dummies for Fury Road. And there was also a report in The Australian claiming that the decision to make two films instead of one will result in pushing the shoot back to February. According to the report, cast, crew, agents and film service companies are awaiting official confirmation this week.

Thanks to /Film reader Stuart B for the tip.