M. Night Shyamalan-Produced 'The Night Chronicles: Devil' Now Simply Called 'Devil'

M. Night Shyamalan is producing a trio of horror-thrillers called, collectively, The Night Chronicles, with the first film in the series due to hit later this year. Originally the title was set to be the rather wordy The Night Chronicles: Devil, but according to Box Office Mojo, the title has officially been shortened. Yes, now it's just Devil. Originally scheduled for February 2011, Shyamalan recently said the film would go out this September 17.

After the severe, and justly deserved, critical drubbing of The Last Airbender, did distributor Universal decide the movie could only be hurt by over-emphasizing Shyamalan's name? Is the movie simply solid enough to stand on its own? Or was the long title too wordy? Probable answers, in order: maybe, maybe, and yes.

UPDATE: As some have justly pointed out, financier Media Rights Captial already has images (like the above) that use the title Devil, so this is probably a non-story, and the title shouldn't be taken as a reaction to Airbender's performance.

We don't know much about the film, which was written by Brian Nelson, based on Shyamalan's story, and directed by John Erick and Drew Dowdle. The logline we've read is "a group of people trapped in a elevator realize that the devil is among them." Just don't confuse Devil, upon release, for a much-needed re-release of Ken Russell's The Devils.