Daft Punk's Tron Legacy Soundtrack To Be Released November 23, Will Not Perform At Comic-Con

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Stitch informs us that Amazon is now accepting preorders for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, which is being scored by electronic music pioneers Daft Punk. The album now has a release date: November 23rd 2010, about a month before the film hits theaters on December 17th 2010. No further information is available at this time.

As San Diego Comic-Con International nears, speculation begins around what we might see at the event. Many people would probably agree that Tron holds the biggest most shocking moment in Comic-Con history, when Disney surprised an audience in Hall H two years ago with a fully rendered CG test/teaser for the film. Last year they arguably had the best marketing at the Con with a real-life Flynn's Arcade and life-size Lightcycle. Disney has already announced that this year Tron: Legacy will invade Comic-Con in full force, even to go as far as renaming the convention Comic-TRON in press releases. What can we expect from Tron at this year's Con? Nobody knows... But I can tell you one thing...

There has been a lot of speculation that Daft Punk might have a surprise show at the Con, where they could unveil some tracks from the upcoming sequel. Variety even claimed that Disney's Comic-Con presence would include "a performance by Daft Punk". I've even heard people talking about a giant concert in Petco Park, right next store to the convention center.

While I don't know anything about what might actually happen involving Tron at Comic-Con, I can tell you this: My music industry sources have told me not to expect a live musical performance from Daft Punk. We may hear some of their music in a new trailer or new footage which will likely premiere at a scheduled panel, but as of right now, Daft Punk is not set to be in San Diego for the event.