The Last Airbender - What Did You Think?

As you may have noticed from reading /Film recently, M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender is opening this weekend. You may have read Devindra's scathing review, or watched his excellent interview with Shyamalan himself. You may have also seen that The Last Airbender is this year's worst reviewed film. Many of you have taken the opportunity to air your views on the film, but in case you haven't yet, now's your chance.

Are you a fan of the original series? if so, did the film do justice to it? Did The Last Airbender prove that Shyamalan can get out of his career rut by adapting another property (instead of coming up with his own original idea)? Are critics woefully out of touch, or is the film as bad as everyone says it is? Hit the jump to share your thoughts on the movie. Spoilers are allowed (but only for the film, and not for the series please).

I leave you with the teaser trailer, which is the best impression that this film ever made on me: