Michael Bay Shooting Transformers 3 With 3D Cameras

When USA Today confirmed that Transformers 3 would be released in 3D, I assumed that it meant that the film would be converted in post production.

Why would I assume that Michael Bay wouldn't be shooting the film with 3D cameras? Well... Bay has said in the past that the 3D cameras are too heavy and cumbersome for the fast pace action scenes he shoots. Bay also likes shooting his movies on film, he loves the look of film — and the 3D technologies popular today are all High Definition video. Looks like I was wrong.

Vince Pace, Innovator of FUSION 3D and 2D digital camera systems developed with James Cameron, tells MarketSaw the following:

"Trying to lay low and do what I do best. We took delivery of the first Alexa cameras for Hugo and have 23 more on the way. Transformers has also signed on to shoot 3D throughout the film. I am working on a big Disney film but can't mention the name and are lining up five more films. Just wrapped on additional photography for Resident Evil and Tron. Currently in Hawaii and flying out to London for Hugo."

So there you have it, Michael Bay is shooting Transformers 3 using the Arri Alexa Pace 3D camera (the same camera Scorsese is using on Hugo). This is good news because this means that the 3D is being done in camera like Avatar and Tron Legacy. In my opinion, the post production 3D process needs to be stopped — Alice in Wonderland, Clash of the Titans, and The Last Airbender are examples of how post process 3D usually looks terrible.