Video Blog: Riding Universal Hollywood's King Kong 360 3D

This week King Kong returns to Universal Studios Hollywood in the form of a state of the art 3D attraction as part of the studio tram tour. As you may recall, a couple years back a fire burnt down the old animatronic Kong attraction and a big section of the backlot. Universal worked with Peter Jackson to create a new ride for a new decade. The ride features two curved 3D screens on both sides of the studio tram, putting you in the middle of the action. Hydraulics lift/push the cart around, as water, smells and air are squirted at you to represent what is happening on screen. On Tuesday morning, I had a chance to be one of the first groups to ride this new attraction. You can find out what I thought, in the video blog after the jump (which I recorded with Alex from FirstShowing).

Video Blog:

Someone else actually recorded the ride (but note it looks much different wearing 3D glasses on the tram):