Knight And Day - What Did You Think?

Knight and Day is what you get when you throw together two aging stars trying to be cool, $100+ million (most of which was spent on mediocre CGI), a script written by a guy whose most recent claim to fame was his role as an extra in Senseless (the 1998 David Spade trainwreck) and stir it using the level of subtlety found in Walk the Line. Already, the box office has not been kind to it, and I can see why: The movie feels like it was meant to be inconsequential, but lacks enough focus to be fun or exciting. While there were cool ideas to be found within, Knight and Day ended up being little more than a series of heavily CGI'd set pieces of greatly varying quality. And that ending...

But what did you guys think? Was the film a return to form for Tom Cruise? Did Cameron Diaz charm as much as she did in There's Something About Mary? Did James Mangold prove he can handle a tentpole blockbuster action flick? As always, spoilers are allowed past the break.

Knight and Day is out right now in theaters everywhere.