Cool Stuff: Spin Master's Tron Legacy Light Cycle Toy Drives On Walls

Movie studios usually make deals with second-tier toy manufactures, resulting shitty movie tie-in toys. Look at the Iron Man action figures as an example of this — the plan was clearly: produce them cheap, sell more. Who cares about quality anyways?

After seeing Tron Legacy, every kid will probably want to buy a lightcycle toy — I know I would.  I'm glad to see that Disney has teamed with Spin Master to create some really cool next generation toys for this sci-fi sequel. The coolest toy of the bunch is a wireless remote control lightcycle that uses some kind of "zero g technology" that allows the lightcycle to ride up walls and even zoom across the ceiling upside down. How cool is that?

But that's not it: the cycles also feature six-foot light emitting trails. According to Fast Company, when two bikes are racing against each other, and one crosses through the other's light trail, it'll fall off the wall or ceiling, just as in the film. So cool.  The remote control light cycles will be released in October 2010 for only $34.99.

The action figure line doesn't look like much at first glance, but it features a "first-of-its-kind impulse projection technology" which allows the moving faces of the characters to be "projected on the helmets in a digitized, illuminated format."

Want to see a video of all these cool new toys? Hit the jump.

Here is a video from MTV: