Patton Oswalt Cast In A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas? First Set Photos Online

Production began today in Michigan on the stoner-sequel A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, as screenwriter Jon Hurwitz announced on Twitter.

Also on Twitter, star John Cho revealed that Patton Oswalt was on set "in my vicinity, holding a sketch pad, duct tape, and a reel to reel audio recorder. Eeesh." Oswalt tweeted in response: "Maybe it's this Michigan air, but @JohnTheCho is looking huggable, chloroform-able, and bury-able."

Does this mean that Oswalt makes an appearance in the film or is he just hanging out on set? Oswalt also posted a photo of a crowd of people on the set, which is filming on location in a Mall, looking down from the second and third floors. With that tweet comes the wording: "People watching me get 3 dimensional." A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas is shooting in 3D, so it sounds to me that he shot an appearance in the film.

FirstShowing also noticed some tweets from Danny Purdue, giving us a better look at the Mall sequence.


Written by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossber, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas takes place years after the sequel.

  • Harold and Kumar, now in their 30s, have not been on speaking terms for years.  Harold is a married, drug-free, Wall Street executive, while Kumar is single, still living like a teenager, and has recently had his medical license suspended for smoking marijuana.
  • The pair are reunited when a package intended for Harold arrives at their old apartment and Kumar must deliver it to Harold's house. Kumar ends up burning down Harold's special Christmas tree grown by his father-in-law, requiring the duo to seek out a replacement.
  • According to Vulture, "Along for the ride this time are waffle-making robots ("It's this year's hot new toy — Wafflebot!"), a drug-taking infant who makes the baby from The Hangover look like a huge prude, and, of course, Neil Patrick Harris, who returns despite his having been shot to death outside of a whorehouse in H&K 2. There's also a small role written for Kelly Ripa, as NPH's co-host for a TV Christmas special, that we kinda doubt she'll take (but really hope she does!)."
  • The script also features a five-page claymation sequence in which Harold and Kumar, high on psychoactive eggnog, are chased through midtown Manhattan by a giant evil snowman. Perfect for 3D.