Phantom Menace Guy's 25 Minute Review Of Baby's Day Out

Mike from Red Letter Media (AKA the guy who put together the epic, 70-minute review of The Phantom Menace and the 90-minute review of Attack of the Clones) has moved on past sci-fi and is now doing shorter video reviews. The newest is a twenty five minute dissection of the Patrick Read Johnson's 1994 film Baby's Day Out.

Now you might be saying: "I don't really need to watch a 25 minute video review of Baby's Day Out." Out of all the movies in the history of cinema, I'm not sure what compelled them to pick this John Hughes-penned family comedy. And while on the surface it might seem like a movie like Baby's Day Out would be easy to rip apart, Red Letter Media does it in a well-researched yet humorous approach, offering insights and laughs you never thought you'd get from such a review/dissection.

Hit the jump to watch the review now.

via: Cinematical