Movie Trailer: Middle Men

There's a new trailer for Middle Men, the film that follows the career of Christopher Malick. He's no relation to Terrence Malick; rather, this is the guy who first enabled the proper monetization of porn on the internet. By providing credit card access to porn sites, he essentially became a funnel for cash. We've seen one red band clip before, but this trailer is good at capturing the 'anything goes' mentality of the early internet days.

Luke Wilson, James Caan, Giovanni Ribisi and Gabriel Macht star in the film, which was written and directed by George Gallo, the writer of Midnight Run. Wilson plays a heavily fictionalized version of Malick, but the core story here is reportedly close to the actual spirit of the time.

The film premiered at the Santa Barbara Film festival, where it was called "Boogie Nights meets Goodfellas," and that identity really comes through in the trailer. Paramount picked up the movie back in February and it will go out with the Paramount Vantage label on it.

The official synopsis:

Jack Harris has a faithful and loving wife, two beautiful children, and a successful career fixing problem companies. When an associate calls him about an opportunity to help turn around a business that has fallen into trouble, he decides to take the job. Little does he know, it is a decision that will change his life in ways he never expected. Jack meets with Wayne Beering and Buck Dolby, two genius but troubled men who have invented a way to sell adult entertainment over the Internet. The plan was brilliant but the execution wasn't — they were making money hand-over-fist and losing it just as fast. Seeing the potential, Jack agrees to partner with Buck and Wayne, devising a way to bill the entertainment through a third party, taking the guilt out of the ultimate guilty pleasure. Before he knows it, he finds himself caught between the Russian mob, a 23- year-old porn star, the FBI, and losing his family in the process of becoming rich. Witness a story so outrageous, you won't believe it's true. A story that proves business is a lot like sex...getting in is easy, pulling out is hard.