First Look: Andrew Lincoln As Rick Grimes In The Walking Dead

Last week we had a preview of some of "the walkers" (aka zombies) in make-up and a first zombie production photo for Frank Darabont's small screen adaptation of The Walking Dead. Today AMC Television sent over a new production photo showing  Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. Check out the whole photo, after the jump.

We also get the following quote from Robert Kirkman, creator/writer of the comic and executive producer on the series:

"Writing this book for the past seven years I've gotten very close to the character of Rick.  Andrew Lincoln embodies every aspect of the character that fans know and love.  After seeing this photo I don't think that there will be a doubt in anyone's mind that he's perfect for the role."

Here is the photo:

The Walking Dead

Click on the above image to enlarge to the high resolution view. The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in October 2010 during Fearfest.