Cool Stuff: Real Life Lightsaber?

I knew it was only a matter of time before science would allow for the invention of a real life Star Wars lightsaber. Of course, we aren't quite there, but we're getting close. Wicked Lasers took the direct blue laser diode components and made the world's first 445nm direct blue diode laser, the Arctic — the world's most portable laser. The $200 Spyder III Pro Arctic emits a 445nm cool blue, ultra high power 1W beam which appears up to 4000% brighter than the Sonar's 405nm violet beam. Basically, its powerful.

This direct blue laser diode is the result of the evolution of laser technology. Less than one year ago, this laser would have cost thousands of dollars to build. Don't let the Arctic name fool you, this laser possesses the most burning capabilities of any portable laser in existence. That's why it's also the most dangerous laser ever created.

Warning: Extremely dangerous is an understatement to the power of 1W of laser power. It will blind permanently and instantly and set fire quickly to skin and other body parts, use with extreme caution and only when using the included eye protection. Customers will be required to completely read and agree to our Class IV Laser Hazard Acknowledgment Form.

Okay, so its not exactly a lightsaber, but its a very dangerous piece of technology. More photos after the jump.

via: Gizmodo