Moviemaker Magazine Lists The /Filmcast As One Of "10 Podcasts Worth A Listen"

MovieMaker magazine recently chose the /Filmcast, the official podcast of /Film, for inclusion on its list of "10 Podcasts Worth a Listen." While the spring issue – featuring a cover story on Naomi Watts – hit newsstands awhile back, the entire podcast list is now available online.

"There are any number of things you can do to make your work commute more interesting..." the piece begins, as written by Rebecca Pahle. And while reading a book or falling asleep might seem appealing, "you could actually further your film career by listening to a movie-centric podcast."

Here is the entry/description for the /Filmcast:

/Filmcast snags some pretty big-name directors as guests, including recent episodes with Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) and James Cameron (do we really need to list his filmography?). In addition to /Filmcast is /Filmcast: After Dark, where the hosts discuss totally unique film-related issues, such as whether DVD special features can be too good and the ethics of theater seat-saving.

In case you're interested, here are the episodes that Pahle is referring to:

  • The /Filmcast Interview with Scott Cooper
  • The /Filmcast Interview with James Cameron
  • Can DVD Special Features Be Too Good?
  • The Ethics of Theater Seat-Saving
  • In addition, here is a recent podcast episode we did with Vincenzo Natali, the director of Splice that I particularly enjoyed.

    Many of our podcast colleagues also made the list, including Battleship Pretension, Creative Screenwriting, Filmspotting, and the IFC News Podcast. In fact, many of those listed have appeared before, in some form, on the /Filmcast (click on the links to hear their guest spots). Their willingness to participate and share their insights has undoubtedly helped to make our show what it is.

    We at /Film and on the /Filmcast are honored to have been included on such a list. The show has certainly come a long way since Devindra, Adam, and I first recorded an overlong, self-indulgent, meandering audio file way back in December 2007 (well, maybe not that long of a way...). I am personally grateful to editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta for taking a chance on us and letting us become part of the site back when such a move was basically unheard of. And of course, I am grateful to all of our listeners and fans out there in the world. You are the ones that allow us to continue doing what we do. Thanks for listening.