Movie Trailer: De Niro, Norton And Jovovich In 'Stone'

Bet you'd forgotten, or maybe didn't even realize, that Edward Norton and Robert De Niro were in a gritty, sorta realistic prison thriller called Stone. We ran a promo trailer for the film in September of last year, but I never thought much about it afterward. Now there's a trailer for the film, which has Norton in badass mode, and sporting some truly frightening cornrows. Check it out after the break.

Jeff Wells went looking for this one and found it on YouTube. More than anything else in this clip, I like seeing Milla Jovovich acting in a pretty low-key way. (Some will like that she's low-key enough to forget the clothes, hence the NSFW warning in a moment.) And De Niro looks like he might do some good work, too. But the film looks like a total potboiler, with only the presence of high-profile actors to distinguish it.

Here's the plot:

A ruthless convict engages in a series of disturbing mental games with his corrections officer in an attempt to gain parole. When the officer begins an affair with the convicts wife, it soon becomes clear that both the convict and officers motivations are suspect, provoking a dangerous ordeal.

This is written by Angus MacLachlan from his own play, and directed by John Curran, who adapted Jim Thompson's novel The Killer Inside Me with director Michael Winterbottom. That's an interesting link, because fans of Thompson will recognize that the basic plot overview of Stone is basically an expansion of one notable plot point from Thompson's novel The Getaway.

There's no release date for Stone yet; Overture bought it last year, but the label isn't exactly having the best year, and now it seems like the movie is in limbo. So check out the trailer again, and (more than likely) keep an eye out for a DVD or VOD release.

Here's the trailer, which is more than a little bit NSFW: