Big Rumor: Jamie Bell Cast In Spider-Man Reboot

Briefly: I'll keep this short, since we have no reliable info to go on. The site Bleeding Cool is reporting that multiple sources have told them that actor Jamie Bell has been tapped to star in Sony's reboot of Spider-Man, directed by Marc Webb. If you'll recall, he was on the shortlist reported a couple weeks ago. (Along with Andrew Garfield; Alden Ehrenreich; Frank Dillane; and Josh Hutcherson.)

So, the commentary: I really like Bell and think he's a great choice for the part, if not the guy on that shortlist I really would have picked. (That might have been Ehrenreich.) He's not the typical tentpole sort of actor (despite having been in King Kong) but may soon be, given that he's got Tintin on the way. But even with Tintin we'll mostly be hearing Bell's voice and seeing his performance translated to the CGI Tintin.We'll see where this one goes; no official word from Sony yet.