More Marvel Concept Art: Chris Hemsworth As Thor

Just hours ago a set of images leaked that seemed to be artist renderings of Chris Evans in character as Captain America. Now there's a second set, in very much the same style, rendering Chris Hemsworth as he might look in Thor.

These are either exceptional fakes, or a significant leak out of Marvel. And while we haven't yet seen any official photos of Chris Evans in costume against which to compare the Cap concept art, we've got one official image of Hemsworth to suggest that these might be the real thing.

Collider got these shots via email. They compare well against the one official promo shot, and they also conform pretty well to the description of the film's costumes that hit the net at the end of March via a talkback at AICN. To refresh, that description of Thor was:

...its straight up medieval future tech looking...Thor is balls accurate though complete with cape, chain mail arms, the circles going down the front of the torso, and winged helmet.

So, keeping in mind that we don't yet know if these are 100% legit:

A few might take issue with 'balls accurate' based on these images, though I expect that what folks will really focus on is the fact that this makes Hemsworth's Thor look pretty damn svelte. (And the lack of a helmet.) Beyond that, when you get down to it, this is a pretty accurate basis for a live-action representation of the classic Walt Simonson-style Thor — the details are all there, and the hammer Mjolnir looks great.

But while I liked the Cap costume quite a bit, I'm not so wild about these. 'Future tech' is far more applicable than 'medieval,' and I keep thinking of the overly fashion-designed costumes of movies like Judge Dredd and The Fifth Element when I see these images. (Invoking Dredd is a killer, I know, but what can I do?) Keep in mind that these images don't represent how the costume will be lit, however.

Here are small versions of the images — hit Collider for full-res versions.