The /Filmcast: Bonus Ep. - Lost Series Finale And Wrap-Up (GUESTS: Katey Rich And Myles McNutt)

lost-season-6-poster-smallIn this bonus episode of the /Filmcast, Devindra and Adam are joined by Katey Rich (from CinemaBlend) and Myles McNutt (from Cultural Learnings) to discuss the controversial Lost finale, and look back at the series as a whole. Was it all a waste of time? Did we get the answers we wanted? Tune in to find out! And of course, spoilers abound.

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Discussion Highlights

  • (02:00): Our thoughts on the finale and the final season
  • (23:20): Is the show more about the characters, or more about the mystery?
  • (41:00): Looking at Lost from the beginning
  • (53:30): On female characters in the series
  • (1:18:38): Was it a waste of time?
  • (1:26:00): Did Lost ever do anything with the big ideas it brought up?
  • (1:48:37): Lost's impact on television
  • (1:56:40): What Lost meant to us
  • Music Cues

  • Hollywood and Vines (Lost Season 1 Soundtrack)
  • Credit Where Credit is Due (Lost Season 1 Soundtrack)
  • Peace Through Superior Firepower (Lost Season 2 Soundtrack)
  • Locke'd Out Again (Lost Season 1 Soundtrack)
  • Parting Words (Lost Season 1 Soundtrack)
  • Note: Please excuse the minor echo in the episode — it was a result of the recording software, and couldn't be completely edited out.