Wayne Kramer In Talks To Direct Kane And Lynch?

Kane & Lynch, the adaptation of the Eidos video game, was originally set to be directed by stunt coordinator Simon Crane. But things have reportedly changed, and we're told that Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx will now be directed by Wayne Kramer, who previously made the gonzo action picture Running Scared.Latino Review has the dirt on the change-up, reporting only that "it wasn't working out" with Crane, so he and the studio "parted ways." After Crane Millennium went to F. Gary Gray, who passed. That leads to Kramer, who is reportedly in talks to direct. No deal yet, but it's a step.

In the last few years Kramer wrote and directed The Cooler and Running Scared, the latter being almost exactly the sort of action movie template you'd want for a film like Kane & Lynch. He followed those up with Crossing Over, the Harrison Ford film that no one saw, in part because it had a lousy distribution deal. If this goes through we'll just hope that he can bring that Running Scared insanity to this film. For that alone, Kramer is a much better choice for this than Gray, though from the studio perspective Gray might be more likely to turn in a better performer.

Willis is playing Adam "Kane" Marcus, "a mercenary who makes an unlikely alliance with the schizophrenic killer named James Lynch (Foxx). The duo is forced on a mission to retrieve a stolen microchip."

Again, this is doesn't mean any final deal is done to have Kramer or anyone else direct at this point. We'll check back in when we're got more reliable info.