Comic Books: WB Nearing Green Light For The Flash; Wonder Woman And Aquaman Still In Development; Green Lantern Animated Series On Cartoon Network

It's the news you've been waiting for! Well, OK, maybe not, because this is only very incremental news. But in a report about Warner Bros. upcoming release dates (like the newly dated Sherlock Holmes 2) there is word that WB is ready to move forward on The Flash, with other superhero films still in development. And if you're a Green Lantern fan, you'll have a new animated series to a few years.

THR reports that Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer says the studio is nearing a green light for The Flash. Which means that there is a script in hand, likely by Dan Mazeau, who was writing the film as of October of last year. Geoff Johns was consulting at that time, too, but that's all we know. I'm impressed that WB has managed to keep details of the script pretty tightly wrapped up.

In addition, Meyer said the studio is still developing Wonder Woman and Aquaman films, with a movie featuring characters from Mad Magazine also in the development pipeline. With respect to Wonder Woman, I hope WB has been talking to Nicolas Winding Refn. With respect to the Mad Magazine movie, if the characters will be the Spies, I just hope it isn't a horrifying disaster. And as for Aquaman...well, I'll just be over here watching Entourage clips on YouTube.

Finally, after WB's Green Lantern feature comes out, there will be a new animated series to look forward to on Cartoon Network. THR says Green Lantern: The Animated Series will launch "in the second year after the film release," so we probably won't see it until 2013. Will any of the film's actors be voice talent for the show? As yet, we don't know, but I'd be surprised. Can't imagine Ryan Reynolds would commit to a schedule voicing the character in a full series.