POTD: Back To The Future And Time Travel's Effect On Twin Pine Mall

As you know, I'm a Back to the Future fanatic, and I've seen the first film so many times I've completely lost count. My girlfriend can attest that it's annoying to watch this movie with me, because I end up pointing out all the cool little Easter eggs in the background of scenes, while relaying trivial information on the making of the film. Basically, this is a long way of saying, I know a lot about the movie. Having watched the film with many friends, I've noticed that some of the more obvious Easter eggs go by without notice.

Reddit seems to have just noticed time travel's effect on the Twin Pines Mall. And since they presented it visually with photos, I thought it might be worth posting for those of you who might never have noticed this while watching the film. Check out the photo after the jump.

Twin Pines Mall (real filming location: Puente Hills Mall in Industry, California, in eastern Los Angeles County) was the location that Doc Emmett L. Brown revealed his new invention, the DeLorean time machine, to Marty McFly. Anyone who has seen the movie remembers that the Libyan terrorists show up and Marty escapes in the DeLorean, which sends him back to 1955 without any plutonium to get him back home. This is the inciting incident of the film.

During the experiment, Doc becomes nostalgic about how he invented time travel and remembered that the land where the Twin Pine Mall currently stands in 1985, use to be farm land owned by Old Man Peabody, a crazy man who was obsessed with breading pine trees. And yes, we see Old Man Peabody and his family after Marty gets sent back in time and crashes into his barn. When Marty escapes, he runs over one of a pair of pine trees on display in Peabody's front yard.

The result is when McFly returns back to 1985 later on in the movie, the name of the mall has changed to "Lone Pine Mall".

Twin Pine Mall / Lone Pine Mall