Edgar Wright Explains Why He's Shooting Three More Days Of Scott Pilgrim

You may have read somewhere on the interwebs that Edgar Wright "is planning to return to Toronto for 3 additional days of photography" on Scott Pilgrim vs The World. But don't freak out — aside from the fact that we've been bombarded by nothing but overwhelmingly insanely positive reviews from the early test screenings, you should know that three days of additional photography is nothing for a Hollywood production. It's when you see more than three weeks of reshoots scheduled that you need to get nervous.

For a minute or two, I considered contacting Edgar for comment, but I had initially decided that we weren't going to run the story. Alas, some blogs picked up on Production Weekly's tweet and ran with it. And with that Wright reached out to provide explanation before this whole mess gets overblown (that is, more overblown than it already has,). You can read Wright's full e-mail after the jump.

Here is the e-mail we received from Wright, adressed to a couple different movie websites:

so yeah, it's true what Production Weekly so inelegantly tweeted

we are doing 3 days of pick ups

and to be honest – I'm excited about it. It was my suggestion to the studio and the bits and pieces are all things that I want to tweak

truth is, some of it, is because we have material from Vol 6 that is impossible to resist and so even after a nearly a year of editing – it's going to be fun to put some icing on the cake

we are not even redoing one full scene, nor any action, just some bits and bobs and new jokes and beats that I wrote with Bacall & O'Malley

if you guys want or feel inclined to put out any fire – I give you this comparison...

Both Shaun & Hot Fuzz had two and three days respectively of additional shooting. One of those bits was the granny being kicked in the face. I think we can all agree that was a good pickup.