Emma Stone And Catherine Keener Join The Croods

Emma Stone and Catherine Keener havce joined the voice cast of DreamWorks Animation's 3D computer animated film The Croods.Why You Should Care: Lilo & Stich/How To Train Your Dragon helmer Chris Sanders and Space Chimps helmer Kirk DeMicco are co-directing the caveman comedy, based on a screenplay originally developed by Monty Python alumni John Cleese and DeMicco.Nicolas Cage stars as Grug, the father, Keener will voice Ugga, the mother, and Stone will voice Eep, their eldest daughter. The story involves the introduction of a nomad named Gy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) who introduces the family to the concept of "tomorrow" and becomes the romantic interest of Eep, to the reluctance of Grug, who is stuck in the old way.

The official plot synopsis follows:

"An old school caveman must lead his family across a volatile prehistoric landscape in search of a new home. The outsized flora and fauna are challenge enough, but the real complication arises when the family is joined by an alarmingly modern caveman whose search for "tomorrow" is at odds with our hero's reliance on the traditions of yesterday."

Kiefer Sutherland, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler, Christina Milan, Catherine Zeta-Jones and John Cleese were all rumored to be part of the voice cast when the project was still being developed at Aardman Animation, when the project was titled Crood Awakenings. It is unclear if any of them are still involved (it's unlikely).

Sanders has described the project as: "The idea of having all the modern conveniences and social structures that we're familiar with gone and being left with just a pure form of people was really fun to imagine working with." The Croods is now set to hit theaters on March 30th 2012.

via: Heat Vision