Secret JJ Abrams Film To Be Unveiled With Trailer Before Iron Man 2

Much of the world has received Iron Man 2 already (I've seen it with a paying crowd, and rather liked it), but the USA and Canada do not. Almost as though compensation for the wait, however, it seems that the film's prints are coming to North American cinemas with a special in-the-can bonus.

Pretty much recreating the surprise of when Cloverfield burst from the shadows with a mysterious trailer before Transformers, it looks as though a new secret project from JJ Abrams is going to be officially unveiled this Thursday, when Iron Man 2 takes its first bow at midnight screenings.

This is curious enough. There are, however, some other small, teasing details to discuss and they've gotten me even more interested.

Note that all of this comes from Drew McWeeny at Hit Fix who, if I read the situation right, was actually considering not posting the story and keeping the trailer secret (see: Twitter). Has he done the wrong thing? Has he undercut the magic a little?

I don't think so. He certainly hasn't got any info to share on what is actually in the trailer, or even a hint of what the film might be about. Drew has only given the hype and anticipation a kick-start. Then again, I would say that – look what I do for a living.

Okay, maybe there are some tiny hints of what the film might be about. There's a title for one thing: Super 8. This might be, I'm thinking, just a code title, though I assumed the same about Cloverfield. And there's some suggestion of rumours (which rumours? where?) that the film is somehow a Cloverfield sequel.

One theory would be that the film is a Cloverfield prequel – Super 8 home movies being a precursor to the video we associate with the first film. I think that theory is likely wrong, but you  never know.

I also wonder if Super 8 is the same thing as 500 Rads, a previously reported secret Abrams project...? Very possibly, I think. How many mystery boxes can one man be prepping?

The story goes that Abrams directed the teaser but isn't directing the film. Who is? And why didn't they direct the teaser?

So, there we go – more questions than answers and I'm sure there's more of both to come (and in similar proportions) when the trailer gets unspooled for the first time this Thursday PM. I'll see you back here at /Film then.