Orphanage Director Will Film 'The Impossible' With Naomi Watts And Ewan McGregor

Not so long ago, there was a rumor that Juan Antonio Bayona, director of the slow-burn Spanish horror/thriller film The Orphanage, would direct an episode in Summit's Twilight series. While that didn't happen (whew!) evidently there was something between the director and Summit, because he's now making his follow-up to The Orphanage under their auspices. Bayona will now direct The Impossible for the studio, starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor.Deadline reports that the film will reunite Bayona with his writer on The Orphanage, Sergio G. Sanchez. The film is a drama set during the tsunami that struck the coast of Thailand in 2004. We don't have any real info about what characters Watts and McGregor will play, but the film is based on a true story, so there will be some basis in fact, at least. To what extent we'll see any real disaster onscreen is unclear, but I wouldn't expect much. Doesn't seem like Bayona's style. But with a budget set at $45m, there could be enough to properly set the horrifying scene.The Playlist dug up a Spanish article that provides scant additional details on the story, saying that it hopes "to recreate this natural disaster through a script with hints of horror and mystery and large doses of science fiction."

This is Summit's second deal with Watts in less than a week. Just days ago the studio agreed to distribute Doug Liman's Fair Game, in which the actress plays outed CIA agent Valerie Plame. That one co-stars Sean Penn, and will bow at Cannes. Good to see Summit doing something with all that Twilight money other than making more Hot Topic franchises. Unlike the Twilight films, I wouldn't expect Summit to try and rush this one into theaters. Very much looking forward to seeing what Bayona comes up with.