LOL: Kick-Ass Version Of Operation

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Hasbro has begun licensing out their classic board game Operation to other popular licenses. In a previous version of Cool Stuff, we mentioned the Iron Man 2 version of the game. Das Chupa created this awesome Kick-Ass variation of the game, which is likely to never, ever, hit store shelves. Although it is a perfect fit if you ask me. Here is what the author said.

If you have read the comic or seen the movie you know only ass that was kicked was the hero's. So, it would seem a perfect compliment for Hasbro's Operation: Kick-ass. Simply install the nodes to your nether regions as per the comic and relive 117 minutes of mind numbing ass kickery! Also if ya got it in yer schedule, you too can participate in Super Punch's Kick Ass Theme Month! Now, back to discussing how misleading the advertising was for this "comedy"...

Check out the full design after the jump.

Kick-Ass Operation