Jonah Hex Trailer: What's It Like To Go Through Life With A Face Like That?

Some of you have been waiting to see what Warner Bros. film version of Jonah Hex really looks like. Now's your chance, as the trailer has finally hit, with all the scarred Josh Brolin you can handle.

The poster above minimized John Malkovich and Michael Fassbender, but they're both on hand here, as the evil guys who kill Hex's family and scar his face. the trailer sets up the story of Hex's supernatural 'crossing over,' and the fact that he'll do just about anything to get revenge upon Malkovich.

So this makes the film look like...well, let's say it may well have an uphill struggle with audiences. Seeing Brolin grimace through that scar for a couple hours is probably going to try the patience of some. (Yeah, I know, what did we expect — that's the character, the scar was always going to be there — but seeing it in action is another story.) The early voice-over doesn't help much. Easy to see the tone they're going for there, but does it work?

And the music; really hoping that isn't the Mastodon stuff, as we were hoping for something a lot less generic. Perhaps the stuff has just been sliced and diced to fit the trailer, or perhaps it ended up just as cobbled together as the rest of the film appears to be. Hard to say just from the little bit of music heard here.

Given this clip there doesn't look like there's much chance this could actually be good (especially Megan Fox's lines, ouch) but could it be entertaining for two hours? Here's hoping.

Check out the trailer in HD at Yahoo.