Spoilers: The Secret Ending Of Iron Man 2 Revealed

A couple weeks ago, a report was published that claimed knowledge of a secret after-credits easter egg scene in Iron Man 2. That report ended up being false. And there was no extra easter egg scene following the credits of the Iron Man 2 press screenings and premiere this past week, leading many to believe that a scene might not even exist at all.

But comments by Marvel head Kevin Feige and Iron Man 2 screenwriter Justin Theroux during my interviews at the press day last Friday, confirmed that fans should stick around for a surprise after the credits. Honestly, I wish fans could just wait and see this ending in the theater, but I know that some of you are itching to learn what happens.

Apparently video and photos of this final scene have leaked online. We refuse to publish those materials. I'm sure if you want to see them, you can find them, somewhere, somehow — but not here.

That said, we do have the information... but before you click the more link, think again.

Do you want to see the scene as a surprise on the big screen?

Or do you want to spoil it for yourself by reading a description?

I'll give you the option because, well, it's out there and I know some of you want to know. But remember, It's your choice — so choose wisely.

Before I tell you what happens in the easter egg scene, I must spoil a small plot point from the actual film.

Two thirds of the way into Iron Man 2, SHIELD Agent Coulson (played again by Clark Gregg) gets orders to leave Tony Stark and is reassigned to a situation in New Mexico. That's it. Not much more. In the film the moment goes by without it even meaning anything.

Cut to the credits.

After the credits conclude, we see a black car pushing up dirt as it zooms through the desert. We are even given a close-up of the New Mexico license plate of the car so that we know it is New Mexico. The license plate reads 8RE 2Z1. I'm not sure if there is an inside joke or easter egg in those numbers and letters. Probably not.

A man exists the vehicle, and it cuts to a wide show of a huge crater in the earth.

We see that the man is... not Tony Stark — but Agent Coulson.

He looks down at the inside of the big hole, which has been revealed to contain cars and workers working on something.

Coulson picks up his cellphone and tells the person on the other end "Sir, we've found it."

Cut to a shot from inside the giant crater, and we push back to reveal the hammer of Thor sticking out of the ground.

How cool is that? Talk about an awesome way to tease Thor.

via: LatinoReview