New Jonah Hex Poster

There's been very little Jonah Hex material out there for the past year, but why do I get the idea that after this week we're going to see a lot of the film? The trailer hits on Thursday and now Warner Bros. has released a new poster, via Yahoo.

This image makes relatively clear the idea that the film has comic book origins (or perhaps the character poses and title font just say 'comic book' to me) and also looks like it comes from WB's school of Harry Potter poster design. But this one has more gatling guns, so it is obviously better. I'm also curious about Josh Brolin getting the only billing; not even a smaller piece above the credit block for Megan Fox. And very little to suggest that, yeah, that's John Malkovich about to hadouken Jonah Hex.

As you can see in the full poster, after the break, the film is out on June 18. We'll have the trailer later this week. (And if you want some unkind takes on the film, AICN has several negative test screening reactions.)