Anchorman Director Adam McKay To Adapt Comic Series 'The Boys'?

Brad Fuller isn't the only member of the A Nightmare on Elm Street team talking about future projects. Director Samuel Bayer has been linked (or hopes to be linked) to an adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic series The Boys. But now he's saying that he might not have the job, as the current favorite to direct is Anchorman and Step Brothers helmer Adam McKay. Holy directorial shift!

Film School Rejects talked to Bayer, who said,

It's so funny, I would die to do that comic book. From what I've heard from the producers on the movie is that Adam McKay is doing it. He did Anchorman, I guess. The studio is really hot on him and... Let's have the movie [A Nightmare on Elm Street] come out this weekend and do really well. Then we'll see how my stock is in Hollywood.

So, not a done deal that McKay would direct the film, but a hell of a notion. Making the move from pure comedy (with occasional action flourishes) to a dark, action-based, comedy-tinged movie with a sort of anti-superhero bent would be quite a switch for McKay. I'd love to see him actually manage it, because I'd expect the comedy to be insane. Bayer previously said of the comic,

There's one comic book I really dig that I want to go after that's bad-ass. I'd like to get it, it's called The Boys. It's about a group of mercenaries and they're job is to kick the shit out of superheroes who get out of line. It doesn't get any better than that. In the world of The Boys, superheroes are scumbags.

And, if you're not familiar with the series, here's a more official synopsis:

This is going to hurt! In a world where costumed heroes soar through the sky and masked vigilantes prowl the night, someone's got to make sure the "supes" don't get out of line. And someone will! Billy Butcher, Wee Hughie, Mother's Milk, The Frenchman, and The Female are The Boys: A CIA-backed team of very dangerous people, each one dedicated to the struggle against the most dangerous force on Earth – superpower! Some superheroes have to be watched. Some have to be controlled. And some of them, sometimes, need to be taken out of the picture. That's when you call in The Boys!