Has Shrek Forever After Been Renamed Shrek: The Final Chapter?

The new Shrek sequel is titled Shrek Forever After, but recent in theater advertising and television marketing for the film sports a different title: Shrek: The Final Chapter. In fact, even the official website for the movie, Shrek.com, even features the "The Final Chapter" title, but no mention of "Shrek Forever After".

Shrek: The Final Chapter

This is the third "title" for the film, which had an announced title of "Shrek Goes Fourth" before the "Forever After" marketing hit.

DreamWorks Animation insists the title is still "Forever After" and that the "Final Chapter" is only used for marketing purposes. Seems like an easy way to confuse audiences. Then again, this is the same company that mismarketed How to Train Your Dragon. Of course, kids and families looking for "the new Shrek movie" will probably find what they're looking for as the title for a wide-release franchise sequel like this doesn't really matter too much.

via: keithcalder/twitter