Jamie Kennedy Will NOT Return In Scream 4

Last week, Devin Faraci reported that producers were in talks with Jamie Kennedy to reprise his role as the love-able horror film-geek Randy in Scream 4.

At the time, we wondered how that would be possible. For those of you who don't remember, Kennedy played Randy in the first two films in the series, a character who explains horror movie conventions to the other characters. Unfortunately his character was killed off in the second film, making it almost impossible for a return in this new installment.

It would be stupid to have him appear as Randy's twin brother or in another taped message, or even worse, as a killer who faked his own death. Don't worry, none of this is going to happen.

FearNet asked screenwriter Kevin Williamson if there is "any chance we'll see some familiar faces besides those of David, Courtney and Neve?" Here is the response:

No. We're not that movie. We're not that universe where you can bring people back from the dead. That would be just a cheat. It's such a disservice. Everyone's like, "When's Randy coming back?" I'm like, "You know what? I would love nothing more than to have Jamie Kennedy in the film. However to have Randy in the film, it sort of just takes it... I mean Scream 2 was a lie, you know? It's a false move. So I just won't do it. I can't do that. I just won't do it."

When the sequel was first announced, Neve Campbell was vocal about not wanting to be involved. But later news surfaced that she was signed on to the film. I have always theorized that she is being brought back to be killed off in the first act or two, and the the reason she signed on was that it is a small part for big money. I'm probably wrong. But Fearnet brought up the possibility that no one will be expecting Williamson to kill of any of the three remaining legacy characters. The screenwriter responded:

Oh, really? [Laughs.] Now you tell me! [Laughs.] No, I agree with you. It is sort of... I love the characters. I didn't even realize what I was missing until I sat down to write it and work it out. We're going out of our way to be sort of respectful of that. But at the same time, Wes and I feel one-hundred percent that we're gonna need to surprise the audience. If we don't, there's no reason to do it. And so we're hoping that we'll be able to balance that in a way that's satisfying to everybody. But it's like, you can't confirm or deny. It's a Scream movie. People have to die. And I'm no stranger to killing people.