Saw Directors Find New Horror Movies: Darren Bousman To Helm Ninety, David Hackl To Direct Butcher Bride

Successful horror franchises have often been used as launching pads for new and upcoming directors and it looks like the Saw series is no different. We've recently learned details about the next projects for Saw helmers Darren Bousman and David Hackl. Hit the jump for what we know so far.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it looks like Bousman will soon be taking a new horror film called Ninety, with a script by Scott Milam. The film will follow a psychotic serial killer's attempt to set a record by committing 90 murders. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it will also feature a few hard-boiled detectives on his trail, who are always desperately just one step behind. Unfortunately, it looks like the film will be a 3D upconversion. Here's hoping they take more than two months to do that.

The Saw films have been a guilty pleasure of mine for awhile, and I've always appreciated Bousman's work on the series. I'm not at all a fan of his frenetic music-video-style sequences, but Bousman helped, for better or for worse, to define the series' visual style and its labyrinthine plot structure (not to mention he wrote the second Saw film).

Hackl, on the other hand, I'm not as big a fan of. He was promoted from Saw production designer to become the director of Saw V. That film was, in my opinion, the worst of the entire series by far, and that's actually saying something. Nonetheless, Hackl will be taking directorial duties on The Butcher Bride, an adaptation of the Vince Churchill novel. Here's Bloody Disgusting's plot synopsis:

The story begins thirty years ago when a depraved assault during a Halloween costume ball shattered a young woman's mind, turning her into a brutal mass murderer. Dressed in her rival's blood-soaked wedding gown, the legend of the Butcher Bride was born. Now, decades later everyone who enters the Silas Mansion will discover a frightening spirit ravenous to satisfy perverse appetites. Death is the only escape.

Shocktillyoudrop has some quotes from Hackl about the upcoming film. On the film's style, Hackl explained:

This is an insane paranormal, thriller that just keeps getting better and better right to the finish. A great script has to paint pictures in my head and my head is exploding with the vivid imagery of this story. From the raucous, sexy Halloween party to the Butcher Brides bloody reign of terror in the Silas Mansion, we hope to shoot the movie in 3D for a more terrifying experience.

But will it be that crappy, gimmicky 3D? Not so, says Hackl:

The visual richness of The Butcher Bride is perfect for 3D. It won't be the gimmicky in your face shit – although there may be some – but rather the feeling that you are right there in the vast, haunted Silas Mansion where you can almost touch that spot on the wall where the scratch marks are still caked with dried blood.

Sounds promising. Let's see if Hackl can surpass his work on the series that gave him this directing job.