Movie Trailer: Star Trek Documentary Trek Nation

I've always been fascinated with the topic of geek fandom, which is why I'm usually on the look-out for new documentaries that deal with that topic. Many of them aren't so great. There are a few that focus on the people who waited in line for Episode One. A couple of them focus on subsets of fans, like Lord of the Rings fans or Star Wars fans.

Roger Nygard's Trekkies is one of my favorite documentaries, not just on the subject, but of all time. I would highly recommend that anyone who hasn't seen it — seek it out. It takes a look at some hardcore Star Trek fans from around the U.S. I think it works because the fans Roger profiles and follows tend to be more quirky and interesting than your average fan. They even made a sequel which explored Star Trek fandom around the globe. Unfortunately that film is not as entertaining. The fans profiled were more average/normal, likely due to complains from the Star Trek fan nation about the first film.RopesofSilicon pointed me to a new Star Trek documentary called Trek Nation. Directed by Scott Colthorp, the film follows Rod Roddenberry, who is on a mission to understand the enormous impact his father, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, had on this world. And while this film seems less concerned with the quirky fans or crazy conventions, it seems like an interesting take on the subject from a unique perspective with good production values. Watch the trailer embedded after the jump.